About me

The name’s Gianluca Buttigliero and I’m an IT consultant from Pinerolo (Turin – Italy); as far as I can remember I’ve always been keen on computers: in my youth I used to spend many a night messing with hardware, utterly ravished by the sheer charm of optimization!

My IT career started in 2002 as a Linux webmail systemist, I then collaborated as a graphic designer for an important local studio; afterwards I worked as a freelancer in technical assistance, web design and as a professional graphic artist too.

Thanks to my knowledge about image manipulation, 3D modeling and rendering, I also worked with several technical studios in the project designer role.

From 2013 to 2015 I held the office as Advertising Manager of Cleverland Ltd., a leading English firm in the field of sports facility engineering.

It’s been some years now I’m working at Studio Associato DIFOB, a company specialized in digital forensics,  where I mainly manage video & image forensic projects and organize big data analysis workflows; moreover I provide support to law enforcement officers during domiciliary searching and sequestering operations.

I waste my free time with practice and teaching Martial Arts, painting miniatures and play CTF with JBZ Team.